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  •   Dr.Yin I found on yelp and is local and convenient for my visits. I'm just about finished my Invisalign process after 2 years . I am very very happy with my results. This new place is young high tech and innovative with new technology to produced great results to your smile! Highly recommended! Appts are easy to book! Staffing is amazing and always smiling.

    thumb RoseRamir E.
  •   Dr. Yin, Dr. Hofkes snd their amazing staff are some of my favorite people ever. I genuinely look forward to my visits!
    Let me start off with the office- it's very clean and so bright and airy! The receptionist, Ailey, is a gem. She is so sweet, she works fast, very communicative and is so on top of it. I'm so impressed by her.
    The hygienists and dental assistants are so welcoming and so gentle with their tools. Comfort is one of their top priorities.
    Dr. Hofkes and Dr. Yin are simply the best. They're both compassionate about what they do and they truly care about their patients. I needed some fillings and Dr. Hofkes was so awesome and understanding of my fear of dental work. He was so cool and made me feel so comfortable.
    Dr. Yin did my Invisalign and I cannot say enough great things about my experience. She talked me through the entire process to make sure it was the right move for me. She was so detailed that I didn't have any questions at my consultation. After 3 months of Invisalign, I have never been happier with my smile. I can't stop smiling and I'm so happy! THANK YOU Center Plaza Dentistry for taking such good care of me. You guys are the best!

    thumb Alli O.
  •   I am so greatful to Dr. Hofkes and his staff!

    I had been experiencing significant pain in the tooth holding my bridge and had gone to see another dentist, but they just kept referring me to other dentists.

    So, I quickly set out to find another dental office and found Center Plaza Dentistry. I called and their very helpful receptionist, Aily, was able to fit me in for an assessment the following morning. From the moment I walked through the door, she greeted me by my name before I even told her who I was. I was so impressed by her customer service and friendly demeanor. I was quickly brought in after filling out some paperwork. The friendly dental assistant took some xrays and put me in one of the rooms. She even offered me a blanket if I got cold! Wow! Then Dr. Hofkes came in and was very knowledgeable when assessing my problem. He was very informative and offered a very sound diagnoses. Luckily, they are a full service general dentistry office so they were going to be able to handle the extractions, deep cleaning, and the installation of a new bridge. He did the first deep cleaning that very same day and I barely felt the novacaine injection (I'm a coward when it comes to dental work of any kind). On the second treatment day he did the extraction, removed my old bridge and fitted me with a temporary that looked very good. Once again, he and his helpful dental assistant kept me informed throughout the entire process. They gave me a quick break whenever I needed it and were extremely considerate of how I was feeling. It put my mind at ease knowing that they were concerned for my well-being.

    I still have more sessions to go, but at least I'm pain free and confident that Dr. Hofkes and his staff will make the experience as stress free as possible and deliver on improving my smile.

    thumb Cintia G.
  •   I moved to California last May, and was anxious about finding a new dentist. Luckily, I landed with Dr. Hofkes. He and his staff are wonderful, and even came in early one day to handle a dental emergency for me.

    As you can see from my lack of reviews, I'm hesitant to recommend anything. However, in this case, a positive review is warranted and well deserved.

    thumb Mark R.
  •   I highly recommend Center Plaza dentistry.  Dr. Hofke is so professional and makes all of my visits so pleasant.  He is gentle and always explains everything as well as options.  I have had several crowns replaced and the quality of my work is amazing!!   Ailey at the front of the office is always very kind, attentive and professional.   They are always very accommodating,  my husband and kids also love it there.   My kids actually ask to go to the dentist... which is a testament to how comfortable they make them feel.   Please don't hesitate to call and make an appointment....  I promise you will be happy you did!!

    thumb Wondee M.
  •   Honestly the best dentist experience I have ever experienced! I had such a painless experience that I actually enjoy my visits to the dentist now. I always feel welcomed by the friendly staff and the peaceful, modern ambiance. Big thanks to Dr. Hofkes for taking care and following up with me! I'll see you guys on my next check up!

    thumb Justin C.
  •   I have had a new dentist every couple years my entire life it seems. I have never been truly happy until I have met Dr. Hofkes. He treated me like a person instead of cattle being rushed out for the next appointment like other places tend to do. He took his time to explain my x-rays and everything he is about to do. A very pleasant experience and will definitely continue coming here.

    thumb Hung L.
  •   Wow! What a great dental office. By far the cleanest and most up to date office I've ever been to. Dr. Yin was great! She thoroughly answered all my concerns and questions about my teeth and at the end appointment my teeth were feeling sparkly clean. No hassles, no waiting on the chair...I was attended to right when I got to the office. Definitely going back for my future procedures and definitely recommending this dental office to others

    thumb Andy H.
  •   It's been a stressful past couple months and my teeth always take a beating as a result. I'm a really bad tooth clencher and grinder... I ended up breaking a big filling as a result. I already knew I needed a crown and I was referred to Center Plaza Dentistry to see Dr Hofkes. The office itself is beautiful and pristine. It was beautifully decorated with a calming atmosphere. I was offered water or coffee by literally everyone! Lol. The actual treatment experience was also flawless. Dr Hofkes looked at my teeth and gave solid advice on how to proceed with my treatment. I know some things about dentistry, so I knew I was getting a sound treatment plan. I told him I might take a nap. Haha. BUT there wasn't time for a nap because he was so efficient. Even though he worked quickly, everything was painless! Xrays usually hurt, but Yesenia didn't hurt me at all. I know it must not have been easy because I have a small mouth, but Yesenia did a good job catching the water in my mouth and Dr Hofkes managed to do what he needed to do! And it was on the molar furthest in the back of my small mouth! After he was done, Dr Hofkes used the scanning machine to show me how my tooth looked. I trusted him already which was why I chose to come here, but I was happy to see his work looked so clean! I waited until I didn't feel numb anymore to eat with my temporary crown. I don't even feel sensitivity AFTER the work was done! I look forward to going back and I'm so glad I found my new dentist!

    thumb Bonnie P.
  •   What a pleasure it is to recommend Center Plaza Dentistry, the office is a beautiful, clean, orderly practice with the latest technology in Dentistry Medicine and convenient to my house. I first met Dr Yin(April 2018) when I craked a previously filled wisdom tooth back in April/2018. My family and I had moved into this area of Los Alamitos in 2016 and at this time I was still driving 17 miles north for continued visits with my previous Dentist until he retired at the end of 2017. A very worrisome position to be in when you have been with the same Dentist for almost 20 yrs.
    Needless to say, having to find a new dentist was a huge concern for me since I've had a very complicated and difficult Dental history that stems back and started when I was hit by a car with Orthodontic braces that became embedded in my gums with multiple soft tissue trauma. Many corrective and uncomfortable procedure followed throughout those hours, days, wks and years and almost 30 years later, I still have an overall aversion and anxiety of Dental work in general.
     I made an appointment and went in just a few days after. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who had all my paperwork necessary on a clipboard ready for me to fill out and kindly offered me water or something else to drink. A pleasant dental hygienist then introduced herself and explained to me the process of a panoramic Xray and then few more Digital Xrays that focus on the detailed of each tooth, an exam by Dr. Yin after all these diagnostics. I then met the Dentist, a very soft-spoken, beautiful smile (Dr. Yin) who introduced herself and with her full attention gave me the time I needed to explain my chapters of Dental Trauma/history and my current and urgent need. Very kindly reassured me what would follow, a full detail health intake with options of treatment that were explained all along the way as it was being done and my options moving forward.

    After all, was said and done on my first visit, I felt very comfortable with Dr Yin's professionalism, she was patient, kind and caring. She gave me options and was respectful towards my budget at the time, offered me the Center Plaza In house insurance (which I was glad to sign up for) since I didn't have any Dental Health Insurance and the ability to do my dental work at my pace and schedule. This made me trust her very easily and I knew I had found my future Dentist. I scheduled my procedure early am as I needed to go pick up my daughter from school at 3 pm and were very accommodating. Dr Yin was very relaxed in her work as she did my procedure which gave me peace of mind, she has a very gentle hand, I felt minimal to no discomfort. It was even followed up by a phone call the next day to make sure I was ok and not in any discomfort. Since this visit, I have been here several times and don't DREAD going to the dentist.

    My husband now sees Dr. Hofkes (her husband) and is extremely comfortable too with the integrity of his work and also signed up for the in house insurance which has put both of us on a consistent schedule for our cleanings twice a year, a sure guarantee way to maintaining good dental health. We both have detailed plans (page pictured of MY plan of action) which are fantastic, as I know I can't remember every single thing that was said sometimes on what tooth and my husband also has his which is so easy to revert back to for consistency. That was given to us after our first visit and keeps us on track as to what needs to be done/corrected and besides coming in twice a year for our cleanings, we schedule all the other work between those time frames at our pace for the current recommended treatment needed. I am so Happy with Dr. Yin.

    I can't say enough about what a change(and a relief) it is to have good dentist. Not only do they genuinely care about their patients and their lives, their families, current health problems that may be getting in the way of coming in, they care about their staff too and that comes across in the whole dynamics of the quality of care given and you can see that when you come in. I always smile walking into their office knowing my teeth are in the best care.

    thumb Maite M.